The Myth of the Ideal Self

It's been a REALLY long time since I've shared anything to this blog. The fact is, I've spent several months making very slow but steady progress along my path to understand what's standing in my way of being happy/content/serene/satisfied (e.g. my ideal self) and keeping me in the trenches of disordered eating. Lookie there! Well, … Continue reading The Myth of the Ideal Self


I’m Not Really A Food Addict

Just when I was resigned to being a food addict, I realized I'm not a food addict. I don't need to control my food in order to be "sane" or "normal." What I need is a whole hell of a lot of liberating mental health work and an understanding of why I carry around limiting beliefs about myself, food, and my body. Now the real work has begun... 

Are You Listening to the F’ed Up Greek Chorus in Your Head?

I've got news for you: that voice in your head that tells you you're worthless, you're a failure, if only you'd done things's not really your voice. The judgmental bully is called your Superego, a complication of voices--critical relatives, mean kids at school, a diet- and money-obsessed culture--who dominate your thoughts when triggered.¬†Think of … Continue reading Are You Listening to the F’ed Up Greek Chorus in Your Head?